The gear that I love and use.

The instruments that I own all feel
like the most comfortable pair of shoes.
I use the gear on this page every day.

These gadgets all supply me
with endless inspiration.  
That's why, as the years go by I treasure
my relationships with the builders of this gear.

Below is the gear that I create and perform with constantly. 

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Click the image to watch Saul Z and Mario guitars on Fox news

Click the image to watch Saul Z and Mario guitars on Fox news

The finest hand crafted instruments I've ever played. Play one and you'll know. I own 2 custom Serpentine guitars, a Tele, a Strat, and a T Master.  Most of my guitars are made with Paulownia wood which is very light and extremely resonant. 
Some other features are the soft V rosewood necks, 13 pin connectivity, Lindy Fralin pickups, TV Jones pickups, Sustainiac pickups, Wilkinson tremolos, Sperzel pickups etc... 

I use so much Roland gear. Possibly the biggest innovators ever in music technology?

I use so much Roland gear. Possibly the biggest innovators ever in music technology?

There's not enough room to post all of the Roland gear that you'll hear in the music that I produce. On top of the list is The Roland HandSonic, The TD20K V Drums, The FC300 Controller, The RC 300 Looper, The VG 99 Guitar Module, and the Gaia synth. But really this only scratched the surface. My relationship with Roland is now in it's 3rd decade and I'm grateful for the connection I have with these products.

There's several models of these reissued Supro Amps.
I know how long and hard these guys worked to nail the vibe of the old classic vintage Supro amps. They've succeeded. 
Each amp has a unique vintage character yet they're all different. My favorite stand alone Supro combo is the DualTone.  
However I use the Coronado and the Thunderbolt in stereo. Tone forever!

D'addario and Planet Waves have been supporting my music for over a decade now. I'm still overwhelmed with gratitude.
The new NYXL strings have truly revolutionized electric guitar strings with how they STAY in tune and last much longer than any guitar string ever made prior.
There's a D'addario set of strings available for every stringed instrument that I play no matter how odd or rare that instrument may be. 
Planet Waves cable kits allow me to constantly make the cables needed for all of the different rigs that I use as a multi instrumentalist.
The Planet Waves modular snake systems have come in so handy at studio Z. I also use the Planet Waves tuners and picks. 

Graphtech is a very innovative company that has always offered products that improve tone and playability.
On almost every guitar I play I use the Graphtech TUSQ guitar nuts. Many of the more odd or synth like tones on my albums begin with the Graphtech Ghost system for my saddles, which is how I connect to 13 pin midi guitar.
Both keep the guitar in tune with my heavy trem usage. They offer many more innovative products, way worth checking out.
For more than a decade I've been using Pigtronix pedals. In a marketplace flooded with way too many pedals, Pigtronix has always managed to stand out of the crowd.
I LOVE the MotherShip pedal, the Echolution2 delay, The Infinity Looper, and ALL of their bass pedals.
Super innovative stuff from the same masterminds that reissued the Supro amps.

The drum sounds that I achieve at Studio Z are recorded with the MikTek PM10 and PM11 mics. These are the best drum mics I've heard. The overheads are recorded with MikTek MK300 condensers. I also use PM9 live vocal mics which are the very best dynamic mics I've ever heard. Made in Nashville TN! These guys also make quality headphones, DI's, Mic Pre's, mixers etc...